The Haircare Cycle.

spinner text spinner Detangled. Healthy. Shiny. These are the three stages to gorgeous looking hair and we have a hairbrush that helps you every step of the way. Yes, our patented teeth are used on all our hairbrushes, but it’s the functionality and creative design of each one that helps make up your complete haircare cycle. Each stage is as individual as your hair. In our TT world we like to call it prep, preen and polish.
prep equals shampoo plus aqua splash

Prep with Aqua Splash

Do you dread washing your hair? A tangled horrible mess is what mermaid hairmares are made of! Good hair days now start in the shower with Aqua Splash the hairbrush best designed to work with water. Prepping your hair before blow-drying so it never gets stressed or distressed has never been easier. It’s one big step for hair-kind!

  • As quickly as wet hair tangles the ergonomic design detangles with painless brushstrokes.
  • Use as you would a round styling brush – with a rolling wrist action.
  • The hairbrush can be used to curve underneath the hair or on top for effective detangling results.
  • Ideal for medium to long lengths.
  • Product is evenly distributed leading to a weightless blow-dry along with a high gloss finish.
  • Product overload is hair history. A conditioner you thought was too rich, weighing hair down and giving a weak blow-dry, may work better now after being Aqua Splashed through.
  • Turns every regular conditioner into a deluxe treatment.
preen equals styling plus salon elite

Preen with Salon Elite

If your hair doesn’t need detangling when having a shower, skip the prep and jump straight into the preen! Salon Elite or The Original – it’s whatever feels right in your hand and on your hair, is a hairbrush that can be used on wet or dry hair doubling up as your very own personal styling assistant.

  • Brilliant for detangling wet and dry hair with no pulling, tugging or dragging.
  • Assists heat styling hairbrushes to perform better.
  • Salon Elite is a professional product that contours the head and gives a root to tip perfect brushstroke. Whereas The Original is suited to hair that loves a lot of end brushing.
  • Salon Elite is ergonomically designed so you can pick-up-your preening pace.
  • Great for brushing through sectioned off hair before blow-drying.
  • When using straightening irons, directly after ironing use two or three slow brushstrokes while the section cools. The hair will remain straighter for longer.
  • Hair heaven for extension and weave wearers. Helps reduce matting and knotting around bonds.
  • Hair feels thicker as less hair ends up in the brush.
  • Ever thought you may not be a bad hair styler, you may not have had the right brush!
polish equals brushing plus compact styler

Polish with Compact Styler

We listen to you! Compact Styler originated from our die-hard Teezer fans using The Original and wanted brushstrokes on-the-go. Your handbag must-have when hair needs brushing into place or needs to go from nought to sexy in seconds.

  • Size matters! Small enough to fit into a clutch bag, handbag, manbag and gym bag.
  • Delivers a finished gloss to any style.
  • Back-brushes like a pro to give added height and volume.
  • Back-brushing brushes out painlessly and quickly.
  • Ideal for both short and long hair.
  • Has a click-on, click-off covers that ensures teeth are protected from damage and dirt. Every brushstroke is a clean sweep.
  • It’s darling! Every brush enhances your hair’s natural shine.