Easy Back to School Hairstyles

Summer holidays are over and it’s time to get back to school! Whilst there’s lots to do as you get ready for your return to the classroom - the most exciting part has to be planning your back-to-school hairstyles! You want something that’s quick and easy but also showcases your style credentials - and we’ve got you covered. TT Website Main Page

Summer holidays are over and it’s time to get back to school! Whilst there’s lots to do as you get ready for your return to the classroom - the most exciting part has to be planning your back-to-school hairstyles! You want something that’s quick and easy but also showcases your style credentials - and we’ve got you covered.

Looking for a bit of hairspiration as we head into a new academic year? Here are six, simple Tangle Teezer approved looks that are guaranteed to take you to the top of the class in the hairstyle stakes! 

The High Ponytail 


Credit: @jadealycemua


If you’re after a high fashion look that’s also smart and classroom friendly, look no further than the high ponytail. Made famous by celebs like Ariana Grande, this is one back to school hairstyle that will definitely get you top marks! Perfect all hair types, this style will keep your hair out of your face all day, whilst still bringing a bit of glamour to the classroom. If you’ve got straight or wavy hair,  this is an ideal in-between wash day style (unwashed hair will stay in the pony more securely!) However, if you’ve got gorgeous curls or coils, high ponies look amazing when your natural curls are super defined after wash day. 

This look is easier to achieve than you may think. Simply scrape the hair back to your desired spot (higher the better!) and use our Ultimate Finisher to smooth out any kinks and get rid of flyaways. You can then give your pony a final flourish, running the Ultimate Finisher from the base to the tip. If you want to take the high pony even higher, you can use our Ultimate Teaser to add a little volume and height to the look. 

Want to give your high pony an extra polished look? Try wrapping a piece of hair around the bobble at the base of the ponytail. Secure with a bobby pin and voila - you’ve got total Ariana vibes in no time!  

The Low Ponytail


Credit: @kaitnoel_


Credit: @michaelgrayhair


If you want to take your ponytail down a notch, without compromising on style, the low ponytail is perfect for you. Loved by celebs like Zendaya and Mila Kunis, a low ponytail is a low maintenance look with serious cool-girl vibes. However, it’s also a really classic and elegant style - giving you a professional edge to help you command the classroom. 

Once again, this pony looks amazing with every hair type. Curly girls can rock post-wash day defined curls with pride whilst keeping them out of their face. If your hair is straight or wavy, this is a great style for those mornings you just don’t have time to get your shampoo on - but also works well with freshly washed hair! 

Much like the high pony, you can use the Ultimate Finisher to smooth back the hair into an easy to manage ponytail that’s got added shine and the Ultimate Teaser to add a little volume or neaten up your edges - it couldn’t be simpler! However, if you prefer style over simplicity, you can add a bit of personality with hair clips or scrunchies!

The Top Knot


Credit: @kathrynmarrone_makeup


Credit: @kristalkay_

The top-knot was definitely our go-to style during lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch it now that Zoom lessons are over! Top knots are the perfect style to tide you over between wash days as they are amazing at turning greasy hair into a slick style. 

If you want to embrace the top-knot now you’re heading back to school there are a few things you can do to level it up. Add a little hairspray or styling gel to keep your edges looking seriously slick, and use The Ultimate Finisher to really smooth it out. If you want a more casual, undone style, pull a few strategically placed hairs out to frame your face and use our Ultimate Teaser  to add texture for that ‘intentionally-messy’ vibe that’s a firm celebrity favourite.  

The Headband 


Credit @Michaelgrayhair


Credit: @Cesar-La-Rosa

Your hair is always beautiful on its own, but sometimes you may want to mix it up with an accessory or two - and hairbands are definitely having a moment! Whilst they used to be reserved for growing out your fringe back in the day (anyone else remember that!?) they are now all about adding serious style credentials to study time. 

To nail this back to school hairstyle, think less Alice in Wonderland and more Rita Ora on the red carpet. Firstly you want to choose a hairband that represents your own unique style - whether that’s big and bold or chic and embellished. Once you’ve chosen your hairband, it’s time to make your hair look just as gorgeous, as this look works best with beautifully polished hair (although lucky curly girls can probably get away with it a few days after washing!)

Detangling is key, so use the Tangle Teezer Original, Thick & Curly or Fine & Fragile detangler, depending on your hair type. Once you’re happy with your hair, simply slide the hairband into place. If you want to give a little vintage twist, use our Ultimate Teaser to add height behind the band for a simple beehive effect. Want to make sure that your look stays on-fleek between lessons? Pop a Compact Styler in your school bag so you can keep things smooth on the go. 

The Hair Bun


Credit @billyalex_


Credit @isabellajanehairmakeup  


Credit @thedartmouthblonde


Another awesome style for those ‘I’m going to miss the bus if I have to wash my hair’ days, is a classic bun. This back to school hairstyle couldn’t be simpler and it works for every hair type. Simply smooth your hair into a pony, using the Ultimate Finisher and then wrap it into a low bun, securing with a bobble, claw clip or some pins. The longer or thicker your hair, the bigger your bun is going to be, but if you want to pump it up a little, you could invest in a bun doughnut to give your bun some added oomph.  

We love this back to school hairstyle because it’s simple and classic, but don’t be fooled, buns don’t have to be basic. There are so many ways you can express your personality through this look. You could try using our Ultimate Teaser to create cool and quirky partings or to add a little drama to your edges! Or, if you want to show off your braiding skills, why not plait your hair before twirling it into a bun and securing it with bobby pins? 

Another fun way to level up your back-to-school bun game is to double up! Split your hair down the centre, create some pigtails and then twirl them into buns, for a cute spin on a classic! 

Beachy Waves 


If you want something that is easy to manage and looks great even if you roll out of bed a little late - you’ll love these easy beachy waves. 

Whilst they may look like something supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid would wear to class, they don’t require a full pre-school glam squad - in fact, they need minimal effort!

Simply plait your hair the night before (when you’ve finished studying of course) and then go to bed. Sleeping in the plaits will wave your hair in all the right places, and when you wake up and take them out you’ll be left with this gorgeous beachy look. Then all you have to do is give a light brush with the Ultimate Finisher to neaten them up and add shine. You could also add a little volume at the roots with our Ultimate Teaser. Accessorize with hair clips or leave them au naturel and you’ll look like you came straight from your Summer holidays to the classroom!