Counterfeits/QR Codes


Beware of Imitations

Nothing beats the real deal, and we want you to enjoy the full Tangle Teezer experience with every brush. Counterfeit brushes can't match our innovative products, and we don't want you to settle for anything less than the authentic, top-notch quality of a genuine Tangle Teezer.

We are the proud owners of a portfolio of global trademarks and our hairbrushes are widely protected by patents and design registrations. We vigorously protect our rights wherever they are infringed. We are constantly monitoring both online and offline for counterfeit and infringing products and have a strong team of both internal and external brand protection and legal advisors.


Spotting A Genuine Tangle Teezer

We're on a mission to tackle counterfeits. Our packaging features cutting-edge scanning and hologram tech to help you confirm that your Tangle Teezer is the real thing.

Most of our genuine hairbrushes come with a security label with these features:

● Scan & Verify: A quick QR code scan on the box confirms your Tangle Teezer's authenticity.

● Signature Hologram: Look for our specially designed hologram as a mark of true Tangle Teezer quality. Please see the animated video here for further details.

● The VOID Magic: If someone tries to peel off the label, parts of the QR code and hologram will stubbornly stick around – our way of saying 'nice try!'

And you can do this check right from your smartphone.


Tips To Avoid Counterfeits

Keep these pointers in mind to steer clear of the fakes:

● If the hologram looks messy, damaged, or just feels off, you might be dealing with a counterfeit.

● Super low prices? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

● Our packaging is flawless – no typos, no grammatical hiccups.

● Watch out for packaging that looks tampered with, recycled, or just doesn't seem up to scratch.

We recommend sticking to authorised sellers, especially online where counterfeits tend to pop up. Be extra cautious on internet auction platforms and less-known websites.


Suspect a Fake? Here's What to Do

If you're concerned about the authenticity of a Tangle Teezer purchase, please don't use it. Reach out to us at right away.

While we can't replace counterfeit items, we can certainly help confirm whether your Tangle Teezer is the genuine article and provide official confirmation.