Festive Hair Looks for Every Hair Type

Christmas is just around the corner and with lockdown over, teez the season to get your party on. Whether it’s your office do, a festive hang with friends, or you simply want to make an effort on Christmas morning, there’s always a reason to get dressed up this festive season. "Festive Party Hair"

Christmas is just around the corner and with lockdown over, teez the season to get your party on. Whether it’s your office do, a festive hang with friends, or you simply want to make an effort on Christmas morning, there’s always a reason to get dressed up this festive season.

But we know you want to look gorgeous from head to toe, so you need some Christmas hair ideas that will help you sparkle and shine throughout the holidays. 

Whatever your hair type, there are simple yet stunning styles that can take you from Grinch to glam in minutes and we’ve got three Christmas angels to show you how they’re done. 


Lucie’s Glamorous Half Up Half Down Look for Long Hair

A half up, half down look adds instant glamour to any situation - and here Lucie sprinkles some extra glitz with these festive hair clips - which are going straight on our Christmas list. 

To create this simple but definitely party ready look, she begins by making sure her hair is totally tangle free. Lucie has long, straight hair so goes for our award winning Original Detangler, but if your hair is more sensitive you could use our Fine and Fragile version, or the Thick and Curly if your hair has more volume. 

Our Ultimate Teaser comes in very handy when creating this festive hairstyle. First, flip it round and use the tail end to create the perfect centre parting, then start to sweep the top half of your hair up into a ponytail, leaving your bottom layers out to create the half up, half down effect. Like Lucie, you might want to leave two small strands of hair out at the front to frame your face (we’ll come back to work some Christmas magic with those later!)

Pick up your Original Detangler of choice and use it to smooth down the crown of the style, removing any ridges and catching any flyaways. Secure with a hair tie and then get back to your Ultimate Teaser

This time use the brush end to add volume to your ponytail. Backcomb the hair by holding your ponytail away from your head and brush backwards from tip to root. This added texture will really help with the next stage of this style - let’s go curls! 

Use a curling iron or tong to curl all sections of your hair - the ponytail, the lower layers and the two strands at the front. To create the same gorgeous soft wave effect as Lucie, use our Ultimate Finisher to gently brush out the curls, until you’ve got the desired effect you're after (bonus: The Ultimate Finisher will ensure your style stays shining all night long!) 

Once you’re happy with your style, top it off with some festive accessories. Lucie goes for some sparkly ‘Santa Baby’ hair slides that are guaranteed to slip a good hair day under the tree, but you can go for whatever suits your Christmas party hairstyle!



Magaly’s Four Festive Hairstyles for Coily Hair

Magaly has stunning Afro-textured hair and knows that there’s more than one way to show off her natural curls for Christmas party season. 

Each of these 4 festive hairstyles starts with the perfect preparation. When styling Afro-textured hair, hydration is key and Magaly starts by using the Fine Mist Spray Bottle to spritz her crown with water - but you could use a hydrating and homemade hair care solution that you know your curls will love. 

She then sections out her hair using the tail end of the Back-Combing Hair Brush, before getting down to the detangling. Sectioning your hair out like this will make it way easier to manage and will help you give each section the care and attention it needs. 

Many people with Afro-Textured hair are nervous about using a detangling brush to brush out their curls, but the Naturally Curly Detangler has been created specifically with the needs of 3C to 4C hair in mind. The longer, firmer teeth are kind to curls but tough on tangles and the short teeth reduce frizz whilst keeping your curl pattern on point. 

Magaly works through each section, detangling from tip to root then finishes off by using The Ultimate Finisher to give her ends some extra shine and keep them defined. Once her hair is totally tangle-free, Magaly frames her face by braiding the front of her hair and then she’s ready to switch up her style.

The beauty of natural curls is that simple looks can still make a big impact. The High Puff is seriously low maintenance but is bound to turn heads at the Christmas party. If you want to recreate this festive hairstyle, simply gather your hair on the top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. You can then use the Ultimate Teaser to smooth down any lumps and bumps that might appear on the back or front of your head.  If you want a party hairstyle that’s a bit more sophisticated, a Low Puff is oozing in old school elegance. Use the same technique as the High Puff but simply secure the hair lower down at the base of the neck. 

Looking for a hairstyle that’s fun, flirty and festive - we love this third ‘half up half down’ look that Magaly has created by securing the top layer of her hair with some pins or an elastic band. And let’s not forget - you can always just rock your natural curls out and proud this holiday season! The hair care preparation that Magaly did has left her curls shiny, defined and on point, so she’s Christmas party ready straight from wash day.  



Jade’s Sparkly Christmas Looks for Short Fragile Hair

Want festive hairstyles for fine hair? Jade is here to show you how to create two different looks - both with sparkly hair slides that will help you transform into the (jingle) belle of the ball. 

If you want an easy look that keeps your hair out of your face this Christmas party season, you can create a glamorous high pony that’s high in style points but low in maintenance. 

First you want to make sure your hair is smooth and tangle free. Jade uses the Original Detangler Fine & Fragile, that’s tough on tangles but kind to her sensitive hair. Brush your hair from tip to root and then sweep it up into a high pony, using the Original Detangler to remove any bumps or ridges on the crown as you go. 

Once you’ve got your ponytail in the right position, secure it with an elastic band. A quick tip for taking your high pony to Ariana Grande levels of glamour? Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, hiding the hairband and securing it with a small grip. 

Jade’s hair is fine and quite short, but does that mean she can only pump up the volume of your pony by using extensions? Take the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Teaser and use it to brush the hair backwards from tip to root, adding instant depth and texture to your ponytail. You can also use this versatile tool to catch any final flyaways and smooth down the hair on the scalp. 

For a final flourish, add sparkly hair slides of your choice to one side of your head! 

If you’re loving the slides but want something a little more classic, this elegant wavy style will bring a bit of Old Hollywood to your Christmas party. 

This look requires a perfect parting, so take the handy Ultimate Teaser and use the end to split your hair right down the middle. Then pick up your Original Fine & Fragile detangler to take out tangles and smooth your hair ready for curling. Jade adds in her soft waves using a straightener, but you could use a tong, wand or whatever tool you like to add in some Christmassy curls! Take small sections of your hair and wrap around your tool one at a time. With short, fine hair like Jade you can get away with working around your head systematically, but if you have more locks you may want to think about sectioning your hair out with some clips. 

Once all the hair is curled, it’s time to add your festive slides. To get that elegant, movie star magic use both slides on one side and make sure you tuck your hair behind your ear, using the slides to make it nice and secure. 

Come back to your Ultimate Teaser to give your curls one last gentle tease - and then you’re ready to rock around the Christmas tree!