A former journalist and TV presenter, Nadine is a YouTuber for grown-up beauty. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of anything hair and beauty, we love her no BS approach!


Best known for

Ageless beauty advice, minimum effort, maximum results.

What’s your instant pick-me-up?

Pepsi Max. I only have one a day.

Your sing into the hairbrush karaoke song?

All That Jazz from the musical Chicago. I can’t sing for toffee, but I can dance.

What would your hair be like without your favourite Tangle Teezer hairbrush?

It would be split, damaged, broken and a disaster. My hair is temperamental. It’s emotional and needs to be treated with care. Treat it with respect an it will give you its best.

Your biggest influence in life?

My friends. I’ve curated the best group! Funny, dynamic and hard-working. They’re my chosen family.

What would your hair hashtag be?


If I wasn’t an influencer I would be...

A journalist and TV presenter – my job before YouTube. Either that or set up a tabby cat rescue centre. I have two cats called Boo Boo and Yogi – both tabbies!

How does your hair like to wake up?

Mine is just the opposite of ‘I just woke up like this’. My nightmare starts when I wake up! Nobody needs to see me first thing in the morning.