Interview: Sophie Hannah @Sophiehannah

Interview: Sophie Hannah @Sophiehannah

Blogger, vlogger and wifey – Sophie Hannah leads a very colourful life in more ways than one. Regularly switching out her hair colour, one thing is for sure, we love that she will never just be brown!

Best known for

Mermaid hair, tutorials and colourful make-up. I change my hair colour 10 times a year. I’ve always been experimental with my hair since uni and take inspiration from Pinterest and the likes of Kylie Jenner.

What’s your instant pick-me-up?

A vanilla latte. I have one a day. Or a walk with my dogs helps too. I have two French Bull dogs – Luna and Shadow.

Your sing into the hairbrush karaoke song?

The Greatest Showman – the whole album. I listen to it all the time. I love sing-a-long songs.

What would your hair be like without your favourite Tangle Teezer hairbrush?

Way more damaged. Before I discovered the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool I would sleep with my hair wet. It would be dry by morning and I wouldn’t have to blow-dry it causing breakage. But now, I'm not frightened to blow-dry as it’s so quick and leaves my hair looking thicker.

Your biggest influence in life?

My late dad. He has made me a stronger person by wanting to achieve more in life. He really believed in working for yourself and I’ve made that happen.

What would your hair hashtag be?

#oceanhair. It’s ironic as I actually hate the sea, I’m scared of it. But blue and green suits my skin tone.

If I wasn’t an influencer I would be...

I’m very creative and have a good eye so I would be a photographer. I studied that at university.

How does your hair like to wake up?

My hair does keep that bed-head look, but if it didn’t look good and I couldn’t just go, I would grab a hat.