The Beginner's Guide To Blow-Drying Your Hair with Easy Dry & Go in in 5 Easy Steps

The Beginner's Guide To Blow-Drying Your Hair with Easy Dry & Go in in 5 Easy Steps

Blow-drying your hair can seem like an Olympic sport away from the salon. It takes effort and arm ache - air-drying just seems way easier, but who wants a style lacking natural bounce and attitude along with having to fight the frizz?

Here’s our 101 guide on how to blow dry hair for beginners,, all you need to do is arm yourself with a hairdryer and our Easy Dry & Go Vented Hairbrush.



• Great hair starts in the shower and it's important to know what to put on hair before blow drying. Wet hair thoroughly and lather up with your favourite shampoo for your hair type.

• For a deep cleanse and to rid any build-up of product, draw shampoo through with The Wet Detangler and rinse until the hair feels clean.

• Apply conditioner or treatment masque from the mid-lengths of the hair down. Again, use The Wet Detangler to evenly distribute through the hair. Don’t be impatient when conditioning - leave on for the required time.

• When rinsing your hair thoroughly, the difference can be amazing. Stay under the shower head for a good few minutes, not seconds. Use tepid water. Very hot water increases the action of the sebaceous glands and can make hair oily.



• Unlike most blow-drying brushes you can use  Easy Dry & Go on wet hair without the need of removing excessive moisture from the hair.

• However, when drying hair ensure you don’t overly rub or scrub the hair, this will roughen the cuticles. Simply pat the hair from the roots downwards.



 Do not, we repeat do not try and detangle your hair as you blow-dry!

• Wet hair is fragile and can stretch and snap. Therefore, it needs to be detangled before blow-drying in the correct way.

• The Wet Detangler was designed to treat wet hair with care. It’s a brush that confidently, but gently detangles wet and vulnerable hair with no pulling or snagging.

• If you have especially thick, curly or textured hair up-swing your brush to The Large Wet Detangler that has a bigger surface area. If you feel your hair needs sectioning to detangle the underlayers of the hair, do so. You will find our teeth are gentle on your scalp too.

• During this time, you can also brush through and distribute any styling products or serums you wish to use before your blow-dry.



• Using  Easy Dry & Go there are zero rules, so there’s no need to section the hair if you don’t think it’s necessary.

• When it comes to choosing a hairdryer, our Easy Dry & Go Vented Hairbrush works well with any dryer. 

• The reason why you can blow-dry your hair from wet is because the power lies in the teeth. Unlike any other blow-dry brushes, our teeth technology removes excess water from the hair for a quicker and healthier blowdried hair.

• Because of our unique teeth technology, you can also afford to switch the heat down to a medium setting on your drier. Intense and high heat damages the hair by dehydrating it.

• Direct the nozzle of the hairdryer slightly away from the teeth – there’s no need to place directly onto the teeth, and allow the hairdryer to follow the motion of the brush from roots to ends.

• You can finish blow-drying by using the cool setting on your drier to encourage further smoothness.



• Your hair is now beautifully dried and smooth.

• Smooth over any flyaways with The Ultimate Finishing Brush – you can spritz a little hairspray on the teeth if you so wish.

• If needed add a little serum or shine spray to your finished look and your good to hair flip and go!