The Best Brush Types for a Salon Quality Blow-dry

The Best Brush Types for a Salon Quality Blow-dry

We’re with you. There’s no better feeling than having a professional style your hair, leaving the salon with that shiny, bouncy blow-dry. Hair that moves with swagger falls and gleams in all the right places. The only problem is the often hefty price tag. A good blow dry can last a few days, but you’re probably more than ready to wash your hair by day three. But how can you go back to limp hair with a dull shine? Once you’ve experienced the wonders of a salon blow dry, your own quick drying technique hardly compares.

Creating the salon quality blow-dry

So, how can you recreate that perfect silky drape of hair with volume in all the right places? You're missing the right tools to get a salon-worthy blow-dry at home. It’s all in the preparation and the brush. You can’t use any old brush. That’s where we’ve all been going wrong. Different brushes create different textures and movement in the hair – resulting in the perfect DIY,  looking blow-dry. 

At Tangle Teezer, we really understand hair. We work tirelessly to create the perfect brush for each use case, from the perfect blow dry, styling, scalp cleansing and the simple day-to-day.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll soon be opening your own salon. 

The Best Salon Blow Out Starts with a Good Wash

It might seem obvious, but the best salon-quality blow dryers all start with a good wash. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that addresses your hair's specific needs that is, one that targets frizz, colour, split ends, etc. Only apply conditioner to the ends and a third of the way up your hair. Otherwise, this can make the top of your hair near your scalp too heavy and hard to style.

Your Hair Needs to be Damp but Not Wet

Once you exit the shower, dry your hair roughly with a towel. Do not rub your hair as this increases breakage, but gently squeeze portions of your hair in the towel. You can either pop your hair up in a quick-dry turban while you do some jobs around the house or do your make-up for the day. If you want to get straight to it, rough dry your hair on medium heat with your hair dryer until it’s about 70% dry. Always apply a heat protector first.

Section the Hair for the Perfect Salon Quality Blow Dry

You will have seen your stylist do this. Sectioning the hair helps you to dry the hair properly and stops it from becoming unmanageable in the process. Before you section the hair, take a moment to detangle as this will make the drying process much easier. At Tangle Teezer, we have a range of detangling brushes depending on your hair type. Select the right brush for your hair type and your colour preference, and you’re good to go!

Then, take a claw clip and sweep about two-thirds of your hair up into it. The rest of the hair is ready to start being styled.

Top Tip: 5cm is the Key Measurement

Make sure you put the nozzle attachment on your hairdryer, and always keep the hair dryer approximately 5cm away from your hair and the brush. This stops the hair from getting too hot and damaged, which can cause unwanted frizz.

The best blow-dry brush to use for each blow-dry style:

Silky Straight Blow Dry: Vented Hairbrush

This is the tool for those seeking a silky, straight blow dry. Depending on your hair type, use either our regular or large Vented Hairbrush; it’s an award-winning brush due to its’ teeth-flex technology. It delivers a fast and easy blow dry, as the patented teeth technology and vents work together for a fuss and frizz-free hairstyle. It quickly dries the hair, delivering natural volume, lift and smoothness. 

Keep the 5cm rule in mind as you dry your hair, always keeping the hair dryer nozzle pointed downwards to keep your hair looking sleek and shiny. 

 Take a section of your hair and run the Vented Hairbrush through it, the teeth and vent working together to provide effortless style as fast as possible. Once you get to the top and last sections of the hair, pick the hair up at the crown at about 45 degrees for extra volume and lift.

 You can then finish your look with The Ultimate Styler.

 A Bouncy Blow Dry: Round Tool Hairbrush

At Tangle Teezer, we know the importance of choosing the right tools for the right results. The Round Tool hairbrush is perfect at delivering that bouncy blow dry for medium to long hair. If you have shorter hair, then select the half-size round tool.

 This hairbrush uses overlapping fixed base teeth with built-in tension and flexibility for a quick and gentle blow dry with volume and bounce without having to wrap the hair around the brush.

 Use the brush to lift your hair up at the roots, as the patented teeth technology helps to create tension - meaning the hair is bouncy with a sleek finish.

 The Ultimate Styler is designed for styling dry hair. Pop this in your bag and gently brush through your hair when you’re out and about for salon-quality hair wherever you are.

 A blow dry that’s better than the Salon. It’s all in the Tools

There we have it. You need to choose the right hairbrush for a blow dry that oozes salon quality. Think about your type of blow dry, smooth and silky or bouncy with lift and then select the hairbrush to match. 

 We don’t think salon-quality hair should be reserved for the salon. At Tangle Teezer, we think you should get your best hair at home every day.