The Best Christmas Hairstyles for 2023

The Best Christmas Hairstyles for 2023

It’s Christmas. Classified as the most wonderful time of year but it’s also the busiest. Whether you’re helping your mum bake the all-important mince pies on Christmas eve or flitting between work parties, Aunty-Linda’s-Annual-mulled-wine-mixer or sipping on candy cane cocktails you will want to ensure you’re sleigh’in the Christmas look. We can’t help you with choosing the perfect santa-inspired red two-piece but here at Tangle Teezer, we are masters of hair and we’re here to make sure you’re added to the good list for Christmas hairstyles so that your party hair is looking sleeker than that colour coordinated bauble collection on your tree.

Our guide on the best Christmas Hairstyles for 2023

Accessorise your hair for the ultimate in festive fashion.

There’s no better time of year to go all out. Adding a simple red bow like Grace here in the video below easily adds a touch of festive charm while exuding glamour and sophistication. Purchase a few different coloured ribbons, such as red, tartan and gold and wrap them around buns, ponytails and weave them into kirby grips. Taking any hairstyle from Monday-to-Friday to festive fancy in two seconds.


Headbands are another perfect accessory for the festive season. They add texture, height and of course glamour to almost any look. Velvet, pearl and broaches are our top three choices for headbands to top off any outfit.

Choose your Tools Wisely

To help you with your Christmas hairstyles, it’s important that you choose the right tools to keep your hair healthy over winter. We’ve included some links for a little Christmas pre-treat or something to add to your Christmas list.

The Ultimate Styler is designed to dry-style and effortlessly finish any look. The unique bottle-shaped teeth have been developed to dry-style, meaning they’re perfect to gently brush out curls and maintain and blend hair extensions, clip-ins and weaves.

The Ultimate Teaser is perfect for adding texture and volume with minimal damage and breakage.

Finally, invest in our Ultimate Detangler to help detangle wet and dry hair with minimal breakage.

Now you’ve invested in the right tools and some festive accessories, let’s run in with our twelve-days of festive hair.

Twelve Days of Festive Hair for the Best Christmas Hairstyles

1. Half-Up, Half-Down for a simple win.

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is perfect for Christmas. Especially when you’re feeling a little indecisive. Use the ultimate teaser to help you add a little volume on top and add a bow for all the festive feels.

2. The sleek bun for a day when you are rushing around between Christmas Events.

The slick bun, a la Hayley Bieber, is perfect for those days when you’re running between events and don’t have time for a hair wash day. Slick your hair back with some natural hair gel and tie your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck. It’s sophisticated holiday chic.

3. The Textured Pony for Cocktails with the Girls.

The textured pony is the ideal hairstyle following a day of the sleek bun. Tie your hair in a nice high ponytail, use our Ultimate Styler to ensure that your hair is sleek on top and the Ultimate Teaser for volume on volume on volume in the back. Curl your hair in small sections for a hairstyle that’s ready for candy cane cocktails on a Friday night.

4. Hollywood Glamour for when you have a Christmas Event to Go All Out.

The sleek, Hollywood waves exude sophistication and are the ultimate in lavish looks. Save this one for the big work event and add in a festive clip on the side for more holiday season feels.

5. A Fishtail Crown for Ice-Skating and Hot Chocolate.

Be a Queen every day. Braid your hair and then wrap around the front of your head and mess it up for a cute festive crown. Add in some decorative pins for more regal appeal. This Christmas hairstyle is ideal for festive activities such as ice-skating and hot chocolate with your friends and family. You’ll be the Queen of the Ice.

6. Sleek, Straight and Finished with a Velvet Headband.

Sometimes simple is best. Blow dry your hair sleek and straight using our ultimate styler and add in a thick velvet hairband for added volume.

7. Beaded Braids for the Big Day itself.

Make your braids the best in Christmas hairstyles by adding festive beads. Choose beads that complement your outfit for a hair accessory like no other. It’s jingle bells all over.

8. Festive Season Waves are a Top Favourite for Christmas Day.

Loosely curl your hair, for a tousled look that you can leave plain or add in headbands, ribbons or decorated grips. Perfect for the day after hair wash day. It’s one of the favourites for Christmas Day, it’s simple to master and adds natural volume, think Christmas angel vibes all over.

9. Zig-Zag Parting for The Retro Christmas Look.

Use the end of the Ultimate Teaser to help you master the zig-zag parting. You could even add some sparkly gel to the top of your hair to catch all the Christmas sparkles. It takes an every-day hairstyle and takes it up a notch.

10. Loose, low bun for the Family Mulled Wine Party.

It’s messy, effortless but with a high impact which is the exact criteria for the top Christmas hairstyle. Tie your hair up in a loose low ponytail and gradually tease out strands at the front to soften your face. The ultimate teaser can help you add extra texture. Then loosely wrap your ponytail into a low hanging, messy bun and secure with kirby grips.

11. Sleek, low ponytail For After Work Christmas Drinks.

Secure a middle parting, sleek your hair back with The Ultimate Styler into a low pony. Wrap a ribbon around your hair tie for a splash of festive glamour.

12. Fishtail plait for The Final Pop of Christmas Festivity.

A fishtail plait is one of the slightly trickier hairstyles, but it does have maximum impact. It’s also the ideal hairstyle for adding in those festive touches such as glitter spray, ribbons and festive pearls. Adding a domed velvet hairband in a forest green makes this hairstyle extra special.

The Christmas Hairstyle Round-Up.

There we have it, our ultimate twelve-days of Christmas Hairstyles to ensure you are the belle of every festive ball. If ever there was an opportunity to maximise your hair, it’s now. There should be no shortage of hair accessories from bows, to headbands to glitter. Follow these tips and your hair will definitely be on Santa’s good list.