Youtube Sensation Curly Proverbz Shares Her Top Tips For Making Curls POP

Youtube Sensation Curly Proverbz Shares Her Top Tips For Making Curls POP

One of our favourite Youtube stars, Curly Proverbz, shares with us her best tips for making curls pop.

Step 1:

Detangling gently and patiently is one of the most important steps to master for encouraging healthier hair that is growing and wanting to keep its length. A hack that I’ve developed over the years to detangle my long, curly, afro textured hair is to section hair in the shower and have water running down each section. I then use either The Wet Detangler or Thick & Curly to gentle detangle, starting from the ends to the roots. Doing this saves me not only on product wastage but speeds up the whole detangling process dramatically!

Step 2:

Learn to love oils before shampooing hair. This will minimise the stripping of hair and give added shine to textured hair. This has been an important part of ayurvedic systems for beauty and health for centuries and something I’ve noticed that my curls just love. Find out more about hair oils here.

Step 3:

Never ever wash your hair without applying a mask or deep conditioner. My top tip would be to grab ingredients from your kitchen. These are likely to be bio active and fresh and really boost even the most basic deep conditioner. Try honey, banana or even avocado. Read our article on homemade hair masks today. Each bring something special to the table. For example, fatty acids for shine, or vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair follicles. Sometimes there’s no need to spend a fortune on conditioning treatments when you already have the ingredients in your cupboard!

Step 4:

Get creative and use protective styles such as braiding to minimise manipulation to maximise hair health and length retention. In other words, once styled keep your fingers out of your hair and keep your ends protected to minimise split ends. 

Following my four simple steps has really helped my natural hair journey and I hope they help you too!