The Ultimate Volumizer


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The Ultimate Styler


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The Ultimate Detangler


TUT Backcombing Easy teasing or backcombing
TUT two tiered Unique two-tiered teeth
TUT Sectioning hair Great for sectioning hair

For chasing heights

Back-combing gets a bad rep, but with our carefully designed Ultimate Volumizer, you can get the height, texture and long-lasting volume you want with minimal damage and breakage.

We’re all about unique two-tiered technology and the Ultimate Volumizer is no exception. With greater density of teeth at the base, it makes back-combing quicker, easier and much gentler on your hair. Due to its gentle nature, it’s suitable for all hair types and lengths - how you use it is up to you.

Together with the Ultimate Volumizer, create height, texture and volume. 

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The Ultimate Volumizer

Our patented two-tiered teeth create big volume. A greater density of teeth at the base reach deeply into the hair gently compacting it towards the roots, minimising damage and making it easy to brush out.
The Ultimate Volumizer
Teasing long teeth
Gently-compacting short teeth
The Ultimate Volumizer
The Ultimate Volumizer

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